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Naruto is trained by kami fanfic

Sadly, it wasn't meant to be a happy occasion because on the night of Naruto's birth someone attacked Kushina and unleashed the nine tailed fox on Konoha. Minato managed to seal the fox into his eldest son, Hiro, who had the special Uzumaki chakra, and save the village. Hiro became the savior of Konoha and everything was good again. Well, except for two things, the man who attacked that is still out there somewhere and the boy who was born that night 8 years ago was basically forgotten. At this moment Minato and his wife Kushina were outside trying to teach Hiro the tree walking exorcise. Kushina smiled "sweetie don't worry you'll get it.
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Hello and here is a different Naruto fanfic, Naruto will get betrayed by Sasuke and Sakura in the Forest of Death, and as proof that it happened he got stabbed in both eyes with multiple wounds and cuts on his body, Naruto's parents and sister return during the Chuunin Exams and find out about Naruto getting betrayed by his fellow team 7 teammates and they vow to keep his former teammates away from him, there will be some techniques from some other animes. The harem will be 14 females for Naruto, Naruto will get visited by Kami who offer him the power beyond even the Rikudo Sennin's power, will Naruto get his revenge against his former team mates or will he get revenge against the village that refused to accept him. In the Forest of Death during the Chuunin Exams, here we find 13 year old Naruto Uzumaki laying against a tree covered in wounds and cuts as well as missing eyes from getting stabbed there. Naruto sat on the ground with kunais and shurikens in his body as he looked at his now ex-teammates, "W-w-why, why would you two Sasuke and Sakura smirk evily and Sasuke says "Because dope, you're just dead-weight to us and you will never be able to defeat me, and your dream of becoming hokage will be dead. Then Sasuke says "Sakura, stab both of his eyes. Naruto hears them beginning to leave and then he turns his head in their direction and says something that makes both Sasuke and Sakura tremble in fear, "You will pay for this Sasuke and Sakura, along with those damn villagers who refuse to accept me, be curtain of that.
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For readers this story will be Naruto x Kushina , fem Kyuubi and fem Shinigame because there are not many fiction on them Ja ne. Hellwalker: Oh I nearly forgot I have to do disclaimer so can you do it today Naruto. Naruto: really like what last time I check the only thing that you own is a bottle of ketchup, and if I remmember correctly your nee-chan gave it to you right. Hellwalker: after a horrible nightmare naruto woke up and started to search for someone who can help him release some stress.
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Meanwhile at the same time the sealing was happening, Minato's wife, Kushina Uzumaki was resting rather painfully in a small cave where she had just given birth to her son Naruto an hour ago. A few minutes later atop the Hokage tower stood the Newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi and behind him were the Members of the village council, both Shinobi and Civilian. As she continued to look around trying to find any clue as to where she was, she heard what sounded like a door opening even though there was none, Snapping her head in that direction she saw Hiruzen Sarutobi walking through a door she could have sworn wasn't there before.
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